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Our Coaches

Coach Lincoln 

Coach Lin

Coach Lincoln was a member of the Chinese National fencing team from 1981 to 1992. Post 1992, Lincoln Li worked as an instructor for the Jiangsu province. Lincoln Li has produced many highly successful students throughout his admirable career.

Coach Li has over 25 years of coaching experience and nearly 4 decades of fencing experience, and offers tested, and proven effective methods of teaching

Coach Lin has obtained the Community Instructor certificate. She was a High Performance Athletic of Fencing 1989 - 1993, Jiangsu Provincial Team, China.

Coach Xu has participated in several competitions, including:

NB Provincial Championships (March 2015)

  • Open Foil - Bronze

  • Open Epee - Bronze

PEI Provincial Championships (April 2015)

  • Open Foil - Silver

  • Open Epee - Silver 

Canada Cup (2015)

  • Veteran Women Foil - Gold

Our Club


The art of fencing is an elegant and sophisticated activity. To ensure success in any bout the fencer must be able to analyse their opponent to determine their strengths and shortcomings, and to proceed and strategize accordingly. The fencer must also be physically and psychologically capable to engage an opponent. At Lincoln Fencing, we strive to promote critical thought, physical wellness, precision, and co-operation through our fencing program.

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